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Install Adobe Flashplayer in Chrome/Chromium

Adobe have rolled out new versions of Flash Player™ and these include one with support for PPAPI.

To install, download the Chrome version from the website, the type of plugin offered depends on your browser type — Firefox users, for example, will download different software.

Stripping Spaces in Bash

Here's how to strip leading and/or trailing spaces from a string with Bash:

Simple Method Using echo:

~$ T="    x y   "
~$ T="$(echo -n $T)"
~$ echo "1${T}2"
1x y2

Use xargs, whose default command is /bin/echo, if your string is from standard input.

Why Do Suppliers Need to Retain Our Bank Data?

In this day and age there is no need for a TalkTalk to retain sensitive bank data. It's no great leap of technology for an ISP (for example) and my bank to exchange a cryptographic token in order to transfer money between two accounts. This can be used on all subsequent occasions for further financial transfer between the two parties. Once set up the bank details can then be forgotten. What's more the exchange token would not be particularly secret once created. Using it, a malicious operator might be able to exchange money between the two named accounts, and that's about it.

Upgrade Your Movable Type Installation

The latest stable version of Movable Type Open Source is MTOS-5.2.13. You should upgrade your installations.

Entities in an Entry Title for Movable Type 5

MT5 tries its damnedest to eliminate tags and entities from an entry title. Hoverer it does tolerate numeric character entnties. To include an < sign for example use: &#60; — to include an > sign use: &#62;.