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Brexit Demographics

I'm wondering with the heavy demographic skew between the old and the young for Brexit. How long will it be before the referendum result will be reversed due the the demise of elderly brexiteers? With the threat of very slow progress over the negotiations, we might not even have left the EU before that happens. A result of less then two years (the notice period as set out by Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty) would be very interesting indeed!

What Will Brexit be Like?

I'm imagining the result will be like waiting for immigration in the non-EU queue rather than the, usually much shorter, one for EU citizens. Now though, the effect will be felt not just when you travel abroad — it'll be all the time and for everything.

Single Use Plastic Bags

Great! In order to help save the planet I now have to pay 5p for a single use plastic bag. Fact is, I have always used all my bags twice — they were re‐deployed as bin liners for my rubbish. Instead, I now have to buy actual single use bags to act as liners.

The Government would do better to attend to the excessive use of non‐degradable packaging elsewhere in the supermarket:

Everything About Us - Nothing About Them

It is clear now that many governemnts, including the UK & the US, are keen to hold as much information as they can on their citizens whilst disclosing the absolute minimum about themselves.

Cookie Madness!

In odrer to comply with the EU privacy legislation this site has a discreet statement on cookies.

Many websites I visit in my daily life have a nag screen that pops up from time to time. The BBC does for example. Up until now this irritation has appeared regularly and apparently at random. Will it ever stop I wonder?