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Your Date of Birth is Sacred Information

Birthday card

Never publish your DoB on social media!

It is the one piece of personal information that you're stuck with for life (and beyond). You can move house to change address and postcode/zipcode. You can even change your name in the UK for a small fee.

The point is, of course, many institutions will ask for your DoB as part of the verification process, so it's one of the key pieces of information that an identity thief needs.

Why Do Suppliers Need to Retain Our Bank Data?

In this day and age there is no need for a TalkTalk to retain sensitive bank data. It's no great leap of technology for an ISP (for example) and my bank to exchange a cryptographic token in order to transfer money between two accounts. This can be used on all subsequent occasions for further financial transfer between the two parties. Once set up the bank details can then be forgotten. What's more the exchange token would not be particularly secret once created. Using it, a malicious operator might be able to exchange money between the two named accounts, and that's about it.

Single Use Plastic Bags

Great! In order to help save the planet I now have to pay 5p for a single use plastic bag. Fact is, I have always used all my bags twice — they were re‐deployed as bin liners for my rubbish. Instead, I now have to buy actual single use bags to act as liners.

The Government would do better to attend to the excessive use of non‐degradable packaging elsewhere in the supermarket: