February 2017 Archives

Moto X Force Firmware Update

I had my Android Marshmallow update a week or two ago. The build date was — before the Dirty Cow bug was exposed & quickly fixed.

This morning I got a further security update to the . So a pat on the back from me for finally starting to roll out updates to fix critical vulnerabilities.

Install Adobe Flashplayer in Chrome/Chromium

Adobe have rolled out new versions of Flash Player™ and these include one with support for PPAPI.

To install, download the Chrome version from the website, the type of plugin offered depends on your browser type — Firefox users, for example, will download different software.

Stripping Spaces in Bash

Here's how to strip leading and/or trailing spaces from a string with Bash:

Simple Method Using echo:

~$ T="    x y   "
~$ T="$(echo -n $T)"
~$ echo "1${T}2"
1x y2

Use xargs, whose default command is /bin/echo, if your string is from standard input.