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Entities in an Entry Title for Movable Type 5

MT5 tries its damnedest to eliminate tags and entities from an entry title. Hoverer it does tolerate numeric character entnties. To include an < sign for example use: &#60; — to include an > sign use: &#62;.

How to Restore a Canal

In reply to: "How shall we restore this canal?" The answer surely has to be: "You restore inwards from the ends".

Over the years few restoration projects have realised this and suffered as a result. Notable amongst these is the Wey & Arun Canal which has been being restored since the 1970's and to date a small isolated section has been restored at the cost of millions. They seem to have picked the most challenging section first

So why should a canal be restored to navigation starting from either, or both, ends?

  • Momentun to restore increases as the gap narrows.
  • The public will not wonder how so much money could have been spent providing a stagnent pond.
  • It's possible to raise funds by providing moorings along the restored length.
  • Unused structures are more susceptable to vandalism.
  • The canal becomes usable for navigation from the outset.
  • Economic benefit becomes evident immediately.
  • Further along the restoration route residents and businesses will want to see the restoration reach them and apply pressure accordingly.
  • No opportunity for protected flora & fauna to occupy the unused water.
  • The infrastructure will be used instead of slowly decaying.
  • The final hurdle will have have the greatest pressure to be overcome. This will more often than not be the most difficult project.
  • The restored section can be handed over to the navigation authority once completed, relieving the restorers of the responsibility for maintenence.

We have the HTML5 <time> Tag - Where's the <place> Tag?

We now have a handy <time> tag in HTML5. There are numerous examples of its use here & here, with one from me:

The end is <time datetime="2012-12-21">nigh</time>!

So where is the corresponding (to me anyway) and much more useful <place> tag? For fun, let's design one now:

Here is the
<place position="90.0;0.0;WGS84">end of the world</place>!