Facebook Advertisers — Scammers or Not?

During my, almost entirely inactive, membership of Facebook my data was shared with the following organisations:
100057297879809 1Y
AA 859dvpY
BM 1010Y
Bm 5 100tkqc nlm 2Y
Bm5 100 tkqc nlm xmdn100Y
Bm 54Y
BM A 2143Y
BMusquang 611349Y
Bristol Who's Who?
Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic, LLC 1?
eBay Watches?
Eliza Anna?
Family Gifts X5Y
Family Store B1Y
Family Store B3Y
Family Store S3Y
Huy 184-1Y
Shailesh Konde?
U 4?

There are no contact details provided for any of these organisations. There is no possible way I can see, to retrieve the data shared. It's alarming to see how many are obvious scammers.

This should take you to the equivalant data for your own FB account. The destination link may be out of date already. Try it for yourself and let me know if you've been successful.

Welcome to the New Server!

Our previous host has decided to close its offer. Here we are on the new, smaller, faster, cheaper, webhost.

Comparing AliExpress and Credit Card Exchange Rates

AliExpress can charge you either in a selection of local currencies or in US Dollars.

Today, I tested their conversion rate against my Tandem cashback credit card.

GPG Withdrawn

Due to the threat of a serious vulnerability in GnuPG and similar programs; it's best not to use the current versions for sending encrypted e‐mail.

For the time being at least, you only can contact me in a secure fashion via Telegram, using my mobile number.

UPDATE: Details have now been made public. The vulnerability revolves around the way e‐mail clients handle a malformed message containing a PGP encrypted section. Until clients and libraries are updated it's best not to decode them using the current crop of e‐mail readers. The bug is not actually within PGP/GPG itself.

Site Now With HTTP/2

I've just upgraded to HTTP/2 for this website — not that you'll notice particularly. There's probably some speed improvements, but this is intentionally a website lite, so these will be small.

Test it (or any other website for that matter) by using nghttp client.

~$ nghttp -vn https://www.mgn.org.uk/
You can find appropriate nghttp packages for Debian and for Ubuntu. Other distributions are available.