Comparing AliExpress and Credit Card Exchange Rates

AliExpress can charge you either in a selection of local currencies or in US Dollars.

Today, I tested their conversion rate against my Tandem cashback credit card.

GPG Withdrawn

Due to the threat of a serious vulnerability in GnuPG and similar programs; it's best not to use the current versions for sending encrypted e‐mail.

For the time being at least, you only can contact me in a secure fashion via Telegram, using my mobile number.

UPDATE: Details have now been made public. The vulnerability revolves around the way e‐mail clients handle a malformed message containing a PGP encrypted section. Until clients and libraries are updated it's best not to decode them using the current crop of e‐mail readers. The bug is not actually within PGP/GPG itself.

Site Now With HTTP/2

I've just upgraded to HTTP/2 for this website — not that you'll notice particularly. There's probably some speed improvements, but this is intentionally a website lite, so these will be small.

Test it (or any other website for that matter) by using nghttp client.

~$ nghttp -vn
You can find appropriate nghttp packages for Debian and for Ubuntu. Other distributions are available.

Comparing PayPal and Credit Card Exchange Rates

PayPal I notice, now offer either to make a currency conversion themselves or to pass the conversion to your registered credit card.

On the of this month I paid $64 through PayPal. I chose to have the conversion made by my credit card and the exchange rates were as follows:

£ / $ Exchange Rate.$ / £ Exchange Rate.
PayPal1 / 1.24471 / 0.8034
Credit Card1 / 1.28691 / 0.7770

Azimov's Laws of Robotics - The One He Forgot

You might be aware of Azimov's Three Laws of Robotics.

I hereby propose a fourth law:

A robot must never pretend to be human.