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Comparing AliExpress and Credit Card Exchange Rates

AliExpress can charge you either in a selection of local currencies or in US Dollars.

Today, I tested their conversion rate against my Tandem cashback credit card.

Comparing PayPal and Credit Card Exchange Rates

PayPal I notice, now offer either to make a currency conversion themselves or to pass the conversion to your registered credit card.

On the of this month I paid $64 through PayPal. I chose to have the conversion made by my credit card and the exchange rates were as follows:

£ / $ Exchange Rate.$ / £ Exchange Rate.
PayPal1 / 1.24471 / 0.8034
Credit Card1 / 1.28691 / 0.7770

What Price .boom or .bubble?

Some recent prices paid for new gTLDs:


How Can UK PLC Raise Some Cash?

The UK government 'owns' two blocks of IPv4 space: (belonging to the DWP) and (belonging to the MOD). Based on the price recently paid by Microsoft ($11.25 per IP) for a block of addresses, these are worth $377,511,520.

Peer to Peer Lending Anyone?

Investors get around 0% on their money, borrowers can't get a loan. Either should try Peer to Peer (P2P) lending as a solution.

The main players in the UK market are: