October 2010 Archives

Roberts RD-41 Radio - The 18:10 Crash!

Every day whilst listening to the Six O'clock News from BBC Radio 4; the radio crashes and turns off. This seems to be due to the regular EPG update which arrives daily at around this time.

I've just contacted Roberts Radio customer services. The firmware is: v1.0.0.39.

UPDATE: This has not now happened for many months; so maybe it was a problem with the BBC all along?

HTC Desire - Back to where we started.

Back from HTC today. All they've done is reinstall the firmware, this time with V2.09.405.8, and test. All seems well so far.

The question now is: When the next firmware update arrives do I install it?

HTC Desire Software Update.

The update installed today (V2.10.405.2) does little to cure the constant rebooting. Instead the phone constantly switches off! Progress of a sort I suppose. Off to the menders later today.

More reasearch from the net seems to indicate the problem is with overheating. The constant reboots perhaps, but I believe the root of the problem lies elsewhere.

Put Your HTC Desire in the Microwave!

The most recent firmware for the HTC Desire, V2.09.405.8, often gets stuck in a reboot loop. The phone vibrates, screen goes white with the green HTC logo, it then locks up.

I believe that this is related to data access somehow; so placing the phone in my microwave oven (i.e. a Faraday cage) while it sorts itself out results in a successful reboot.

UPDATE: The data access died altogether just now, resulting in the need for a reboot (and a further spell in the microvave).

The new update now being pushed out by HTC will hopefully fix this.