Install Adobe Flashplayer in Chrome/Chromium

Adobe have rolled out new versions of Flash Player™ and these include one with support for PPAPI.

To install, download the Chrome version from the website, the type of plugin offered depends on your browser type — Firefox users, for example, will download different software.

Extract the archive to directory:

Create it if necessary, make sure it's world readable.

Now, create a file in the directory:

containing this:


if [ -f "$FLASH" ]; then
   CHROMIUM_FLAGS="$CHROMIUM_FLAGS --ppapi-flash-path=$FLASH --ppapi-flash-version="
   echo "PPAPI flash has config file ($0), but plugin can't be found ($FLASH)." >&2

Now, once Chromium has been restarted, the Flash Player plugin should be found in chrome://plugins/.