Never Subscribe to Bulk Mail — Do You Need Yet Another Reason?

Amazon™ gift voucher

Recently I sent, via e‐mail, two Amazon™ vouchers as birthday presents to friends. They both had Hotmail™ accounts.

Irritated by their apparent ingratitude, I enquired as to whether they had received my generous gift. They did indeed get the e‐mails and both eventually found them in their Junk folders.

Whatever you do then, you must always check your Junk/spam folder for non‐spam messages — you could even be losing actual money by not doing so.

If your Junk folder is too full for you and the task of searching seems too onerous, your only solution is to bite the bullet and unsubscribe from all that irrelevant garbage so that your spam problem vanishes overnight (or maybe it could take just a little longer).

Nothing will change until you do — you'll miss important communication, lose money, waste your time, your address can be sold on and so on. Your problem will only get worse.