Flash a New BIOS with Linux

These notes pull together help found elsewhere into a single byte-sized article.

Updating your BIOS is a potentially dangerous process and should not generally be attempted without good reason. Motherboards with a DualBIOS™ should find the experience far less stressful.

As root, install the packages…

~$ apt-get  install  flashrom p7zip-full

Save the current BIOS version…

~$ flashrom  --programmer internal  -r old_BIOS.bin

Fetch the self-extracting Windows EXE file. It must be an exact match for the motherboard you are using…

~$ wget \

Test the file for type…

~$ file  new_BIOS.exe
new_BIOS.exe: PE32 executable (GUI) Intel 80386, for MS Windows

Extract the new BIOS file…

~$ 7z  e  new_BIOS.exe

Burn the new version from the extracted file. In this case that file is called: 2A55MD23.FE

~$ flashrom  --programmer internal  -w 2A55MD23.FE

If the final step fails for any reason: DO NOT REBOOT YOUR PC! Instead, use it "as is" to seek help and guidance from the Flashrom developers.

The new BIOS version will not be used, or listed by lshw, until after the next reboot.