Cruising Log for NB Be‐Bop.


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(Wednesday, 00:00)
7.53289Brinklow Marina, Brinklow.Here over Christmas1. At £10 per night (plus electricity at 15p per unit) & no price breaks under six‐months, won't be staying long. [Arrived: . Waterway: North Oxford]
(Friday, 15:00)
1.00289Brinklow Visitor Moorings, Brinklow.Here for a few days, till a break in the weather.
(Sunday, 15:00)
6.21285Hawkesbury Junction (Sutton Stop), Coventry.Here for a day or so. More storms forecast in the next few days, so I'll be dodging those. Aiming for Atherstone by the . [Waterway: Coventry Canal]
(Tuesday, 13:00)
2.70285Bridge 18, Nuneaton.Here for a day or so. Off to RS Components later for some bits. Moving on soonish, weather permitting.
(Thursday, 14:00)
3.70285Anchor Bridge (29), Hartshill.Here for a day or so. Started to rain, so stopped here.
(Friday, 14:00)
3.77234Whittington Lane (Bridge 45), Atherstone.Here for a bit.
(Thursday, 16:00)
3.24208Visitor Moorings, Polesworth.Here for a day or so. I'll have a look round, never stopped here before.
(Friday, 15:00)
3.32178River Tame Aqueduct, Fazeley.Here for a day or so.
(Saturday, 15:00)
2.90208Curdworth Bottom Lock (No. 11), Kingsbury.Here till the stoppage ends. Work on Lock 11 should end tomorrow evening. [Waterway: Birmingham & Fazeley]
(Monday, 18:00)
3.411247Broad Bulk Bridge, Curdworth.Overnight stop probably.
(Tuesday, 14:00)
5.23302Cuckoo Wharf, Birmingham.Here for some repairs. The payment method for electricity has changed. It seems to be a great secret how to buy some!
Update: Electricity is now for permanent moorers only — very irritating having come all this way.
(Tuesday, 21:00)
7.310205Lock 8, Curdworth Flight, Bodymoor Heath.Here overnight. Stopped as this was the first opportunity on the flight. Had a very average meal in the hotel, the pub had given up serving food that day.
(Wednesday, 14:15)
0.93222Water Park, Kingsbury.Here for a few days. Having my bike serviced at BikersWorld.
Update: Not BikersWorld — off to QB Motorcycles instead.
(Friday, 16:00)
3.31203River Tame Aqueduct, Fazeley.Here for a day or so. [Waterway: Coventry Canal]
(Saturday, 16:00)
5.86234Whittington Lane (Bridge 45), Atherstone.Here for a day or so.
(Sunday, 16:00)
2.67332Bridge 34, Mancetter.Here for a day or so.
(Monday, 13:00)
5.00234Arbury Park Bridge (No. 16), Bedworth.Here for a day or so.
(Wednesday, 12:00)
2.40296Hawkesbury Junction, Coventry.Here for a day or so.
(Monday, 16:30)
6.21316Visitor Moorings, Brinklow.Here for a day or so. [Waterway: North Oxford]
(Wednesday, 13:00)
2.30316Falls Bridge, Rugby.Here for a day or so. Waiting for Yates' to open and sell me some diesel.
(Thursday, 15:00)
4.53323Hillmorton (Moors Bridge No. 72), Rugby.Here for a week or so. Will be here till after Crick Boatshow on the bank holiday.
(Friday, 16:00)
4.80302Visitor moorings (Bridge 90), Braunston.Here for a day or so. Weather for the boatshow looks terrible.
(Sunday, 15:30)
4.06345Foot of Watford Locks, Watford (Northamptonshire).Here overnight. Crick tomorrow. [Waterway: Grand Union Canal (Leicester Line)]
(Monday, 13:00)
2.57345Bridge 12, Crick.Here for a few days. Time for some chandlery shopping.
(Thursday, 14:00)
5.20345Bridge 37, South Kilworth.Here for a day or so. Collected my new Kymco scooter today. Now I've got to hurry on due to a pumpout crisis.
(Friday, 16:30)
6.70345Top of the locks, Foxton.Here for the weekend. Off into Market Harborough next week.
(Monday, 17:55)
2.310369Visitor Moorings, Market Harborough.Here for exactly. First new water for some considerable time. [Waterway: Grand Union Canal (Leicester Line — Market Harborough Branch)]
(Friday, 16:00)
2.10303The village, Foxton.Here for the weekend. Excellent Chinese meal at the Shoulder of Mutton.
(Monday, 12:00)
1.70336Smeeton Hills Bridge (No. 70), Saddington.Here for a fortnight. A good place to get my bike off. [Waterway: Grand Union Canal (Leicester Line)]
(Thursday, 13:00)
2.11324Second Lock, Kibworth.Here for a fortnight — but I said that last time.
(Monday, 16:15)
3.311235Kilby Bridge, Kilby.Here for a day or so.
(Monday, 15:00)
3.57196Gee's Lock, Glen Parva, Leicester.Here overnight.
(Tuesday, 12:00)
1.22165King's Lock, Leicester (Aylestone).Here for a day or so. 4G from 3 here folks!
(Monday, 13:00)
2.33189Castle Gardens Moorings, Central Leicester.Here for exactly. Unlock the gate with the upper lock, not the padlock. 4G from 3 here also.
(Thursday, 15:00)
4.25166Watermead Country Park, Leicester (Thurmaston).Here overnight. Maybe down to the Hope & Anchor tomorrow. [Waterway: River Soar]
(Friday, 11:00)
0.50166Hope & Anchor, Wanlip.Here for the weekend.
(Monday, 18:00)
4.24161The Deep Lock, Barrow‐upon‐Soar.Here for a day or so. Motor controller cut out right by the weir — grrrr!
(Tuesday, 13:00)
1.01141Pillings Flood Lock, Barrow‐upon‐Soar.Here for the afternoon, maybe longer.
(Thursday, 16:00)
2.30129The Chain Bridge, Loughborough.A nostalgic return to my alma mater.
Beware the scourge of the Pillings Marina day boats. Here for a day or so.
(Monday, 14:30)
2.62120Visitor Moorings, Zouch.Pub for dinner tonight. Here overnight.
(Tuesday, 16:00)
5.44117Derwent Mouth Lock, Shardlow.No frights on the scary river!
All the flood locks were open, levels very low. Here for a day or so. [Waterway: Trent & Mersey (Main Line)]
(Thursday, 14:00)
2.23108Aston Lock, Aston‐on‐Trent.Good place to tie up here & get my bike onto the road. Here for a week or so.
(Wednesday, 15:00)
2.31122Bridge 11, Weston‐on‐Trent.Can walk to Melbourne from here. Here for a day or so.
(Thursday, 17:00)
1.40129The Lock, Swarkestone.Here for a day or so.
(Friday, 14:00)
0.31136The Lock, Swarkestone, Derby.Moved on a little. Here for a day or so.

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1 Temporary home mooring.

More on mooring from C&RT. Times are in local UK time.

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