Cruising Log for NB Be‐Bop.


Date: Distance: 🛈 Locks: 🛈 Elevation: 🛈 Location: Remarks:
(Tuesday, 00:00)
3.1?321Hungerford.Here overnight. Update: (v2.0) Froxfield Locks aren't now opening till the New Year — . [Arrived: . Waterway: Kennet & Avon]
(Friday, 17:00)
2.1?354Froxfield.Here ovenight.
(Saturday, 11:30)
2.4?386Great Bedwyn.Here for a couple of weeks.
(Sunday, 16:30)
2.6?429Top of Crofton Locks.Here overnight.
(Monday, 15:30)
5.2?416Pewsey Wharf.Here for a couple of days.
(Tuesday, 17:00)
6.3?429Crofton Pumping Station.Here overnight.
(Thursday, 12:00)
1.8?386Great Bedwyn.Here for a couple of weeks.
(Monday, 16:00)
4.4?321Hungerford Town.Here for a day or so. Heading for Newbury for Easter.
(Tuesday, 17:30)
8.0?251Newbury.Here overnight.
(Wednesday, 12:30)
0.6?248Greenham Island, Newbury.Here for a day or so. [Waterway: River Kennet]
(Thursday, 16:00)
3.2?220Thatcham.Here till after Easter.
(Tuesday, 17:30)
2.7?194Woolhampton.Here overnight.
(Wednesday, 13:00)
1.2?185Froud's Bridge Marina.Here for a week, hopefully no longer1. In for engine repairs.
(Saturday, 15:30)
4.3?154Theale.Hurragh! Finally escaped from the crummy marina. Here for a few days.
(Friday, 15:30)
0.4?147Theale.Moved to turn around. Here for a few days. No longer on the moorings.
(Tuesday, 15:30)
3.2?171Padworth.Here for a while.
(Friday, 12:30)
3.7?205Midgham Lock.Here for a week or so.
(Saturday, 12:45)
1.5?219Thatcham.Here till Wednesday.
(Wednesday, 18:00)
0.0?220Thatcham.Here overnight.
(Thursday, 16:00)
12.8?136Reading Gaol.Here overnight. Not actually in gaol!
(Saturday, 15:00)
8.9?138Goring.Here overnight. [Waterway: River Thames]
(Sunday, 16:00)
11.7?176Abingdon.Here till the 1st at the latest. The great storm of 2013 is due tomorrow morning.
(Thursday, 16:00)
6.3?192Central Oxford.Here for a few days. [Waterway: Southern Oxford]
(Tuesday, 17:00)
5.1?208Kidlington, near Oxford.Here for a week, unless I find a better mooring. Backed up to here due to the new draconian mooring restrictions at Thrupp.
(Monday, 14:00)
1.9?222Baker's Lock, near Enslow.Here for a day or so. The river was on amber, but no problem for navigation.
(Thursday, 17:00)
5.7?248Upper Heyford.Heyford Common Lock. Here till after the weekend. 3 reception here good, unlike further down.
(Monday, 14:00)
4.8?273King's Sutton.Nell Bridge Lock. Here overnight or longer perhaps.
(Tuesday, 16:00)
3.9?308Tramway Road, Banbury.Here for a fortnight.
(Monday, 12:00)
0.6?308Castle Quay Shopping Centre, Banbury.On the moorings. Here overnight. Need a pumpout and fuel when Sovereign Wharf re‐opens tomorrow(?).
(Tuesday, 16:00)
4.3?332Just below Broadmoor Lock, Cropredy.Here overnight. Update: Sovereign Wharf re‐opens in the spring!
(Wednesday, 15:00)
4.3?377Fenny Compton.Here for a day or so.
(Saturday, 16:00)
4.1?365Below Napton Lock (No. 15), Marston Doles.Here for a day or so.
(Monday, 15:00)
2.27323Bridge 110, Napton.Here for a day or so. Will be moving on once fuelled.
(Thursday, 17:00)
5.20318Willoughby Wharf, Braunston.Here overnight. On my way to some Christmas moorings in Rugby. A loose connection in the generator is giving me some trouble. [Waterway: North Oxford]
(Friday, 16:00)
7.53289Brinklow Marina, Brinklow.Here over Christmas2. At £10 per night (plus electricity at 15p per unit) & no price breaks under six‐months, won't be staying long.

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1 Offline location.

2 Temporary home mooring.

More on mooring from C&RT. Times are in local UK time.

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