Cruising Log for NB Be‐Bop.


Date: Distance: 🛈 Locks: 🛈 Location: Remarks:
(Friday, 00:00)
6.1?Birmingham (Aston).Moored at Cuckoo Wharf, here for two weeks or more. The job ahead is to do some more work on my ailing generator. [Arrived: . Waterway: Birmingham & Fazeley]
(Saturday, 15:17)
6.1?Curdworth Top Lock.Here overnight. Hurrah! Finally away from Aston.
(Sunday, 16:00)
2.3?Kingsbury Water Park — Just northeast of Birmingham.Here for a few days.
(Monday, 14:00)
3.9?Tamworth.Here overnight. Going shopping in Asda & Sainsbury's. [Waterway: Birmingham & Fazeley (along route of Coventry Canal)]
(Tuesday, 18:00)
6.8?Atherstone, near Tamworth.Here for a week or so. Near to the A5. [Waterway: Coventry Canal]
(Wednesday, 15:00)
3.6?Hartshill, just north of Nuneaton.Here for a day or so. Nice pub for food here.
(Friday, 18:00)
7.8?Middle of nowhere — near Coventry.Here for the weekend. [Waterway: North Oxford]
(Monday, 16:00)
4.4?Brinklow.Here overnight.
(Tuesday, 16:00)
6.9?Hillmorton — near Rugby.Here till the end of May. Local youth have tried to steal my immobilised bike — they failed. The busted remains have been impounded by the police …to prevent further crime sir. £200 to get the bits back.
(Sunday, 12:00)
1.9?Rugby.Here overnight. Tomorrow I'll retrieve my bike from the clutches of the criminals police.
(Tuesday, 17:00)
1.9?Hillmorton — near Rugby.Here for a day or so.
(Friday, 14:00)
3.9?Willoughby Wharf, between Rugby & Daventry.Here for a few days maybe more.
(Wednesday, 19:00)
1.6?Puddle Banks, Braunston.Overnight stop. [Waterway: Grand Union Canal (Oxford Canal Section)]
(Thursday, 14:00)
5.1?Long Itchington, between Rugby & Southam.Here for a few days maybe more. [Waterway: Grand Union Canal (Warwick and Napton Canal)]
(Wednesday, 20:00)
3.5?Bridge 116.Overnight stop. [Waterway: Southern Oxford]
(Thursday, 15:00)
4.1?Fenny Compton, between Southam & Banbury.Here for a day or so.
(Monday, 14:00)
2.5?Claydon, between Southam & Banbury.Here for a day or so.
(Tuesday, 17:00)
5.9?Banbury.Here for a day or so.
(Thursday, 17:00)
0.8?Banbury.Here for a few days.
(Wednesday, 17:00)
1.1?South of Banbury.Here for a day or so.
(Monday, 15:00)
2.8?Nell Bridge — South of Banbury.Here overnight.
(Tuesday, 18:00)
5.3?Allen's Lock — Upper Heyford.Here for a bit. No 3G reception here.
(Wednesday, 20:00)
3.4?Somewhere near Upper Heyford.Here overnight. No 3G reception here.
(Thursday, 14:00)
3.6?Kidlington — Just North of Oxford.Here for a bit.
(Tuesday, 17:00)
5.3?Central Oxford.Here for a day or so.
(Monday, 20:00)
6.9?South of Abingdon.Here for 1‐day. [Waterway: River Thames]
(Tuesday, 13:00)
0.7?Abingdon.Here for 1‐day.
(Monday, 19:00)
6.5?Shillingford Bridge.Here for overnight stop.
(Tuesday, 14:00)
7.1?Goring.Here for 1‐day (or so).
(Thursday, 14:00)
9.1?Kennet Mouth — Reading.Here for 1‐day (or so).
(Monday, 12:00)
0.5?Reading Gaol.Here for 1‐day, only a short sentance. [Waterway: River Kennet]
(Tuesday, 17:00)
1.8?Fobney Lock.Here for a day or so.
(Tuesday, 22:20)
3.5?Theale.Here overnight.
(Thursday, 17:00)
2.8?Lower Padworth.Here overnight.
(Saturday, 12:00)
1.4?Froud's Bridge — Aldermaston.Here for a day or so.
(Saturday, 19:00)
4.0?Thatcham.Here for a day or so.
(Tuesday, 15:00)
3.0?Newbury.Here for a day or so.
(Thursday, 19:00)
5.8?Kintbury.Here overnight. [Waterway: Kennet & Avon]
(Friday, 17:30)
5.2?Froxfield.Here overnight.
(Saturday, 15:30)
1.9?Great Bedwyn.Here for a while.
(Friday, 15:30)
2.0?Crofton.Here till the locks open on Sunday. Very little water here after a drought. Locks have been closed since Friday.
(Sunday, 17:30)
5.1?Milton Lilbourne — Pewsey.Here overnight probably.
(Monday, 12:00)
0.4?Milkhouse Bridge — Pewsey.Here overnight probably.
(Tuesday, 14:00)
1.0?Pewsey Wharf.Here overnight probably.
(Wednesday, 14:00)
1.1?Wilcot.Here overnight.
(Thursday, 13:00)
4.8?All Cannings — Wiltshire.Here for a bit.
(Monday, 15:00)
1.7?Bishops Cannings, Devizes, Wiltshire.Here for a bit.
(Tuesday, 13:00)
2.7?Devizes Wharf, Wiltshire.Here for a bit. Moved to the towpath side on Saturday am.
(Thursday, 13:00)
2.7?Bishops Cannings, Devizes, Wiltshire.Here for a bit.
(Wednesday, 16:00)
3.8?Honeystreet, Wiltshire.Here for a day or so.
(Sunday, 17:00)
3.5?Pewsey Wharf — Wiltshire.Here till when Wootton Rivers Locks are due to re‐open after the winter stoppage. Updated .

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