Cruising Log for NB Be‐Bop.


Date: Distance: 🛈 Locks: 🛈 Elevation: 🛈 Location: Remarks:
(Tuesday, 00:00 @1199145600)
00162Hanbury Wharf, near Droitwich.Here for Xmas. [Arrived: . Waterway: Worcester & Birmingham]
(Sunday, 15:00 @1200236400)
3.17213Stoke Prior.Here overnight.
(Monday, 14:00 @1200319200)
3.17162Hanbury Wharf, near Droitwich.Back here for a day or so.
(Saturday, 16:00 @1201363200)
3.30162Tibberton, near Worcester.Here for a day or so.
(Wednesday, 17:00 @1201712400)
3.61276Worcester, Flagge Meadow.Here for a day or so. [Waterway: Staffs. & Worcs]
(Friday, 17:00 @1201885201)
1.4253Diglis Basin, near Worcester.River Severn next week? [Waterway: Worcester & Birmingham]
(Sunday, 15:00 @1202050800)
0.4240Diglis Island, Worcester.Waiting for the locks tomorow. [Waterway: River Severn]
(Monday, 15:00 @1202137200)
21.8341Gloucester Docks.On the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal for a few weeks. [Waterway: Gloucester & Sharpness Canal]
(Friday, 11:00 @1202468400)
0.0041Gloucester Docks.Waiting for my new fridge on Thursday?
(Monday, 15:00 @1202742000)
5.3027Just short of Parkend Bridge.Here for a day or so.
(Monday, 16:00 @1203350400)
0.6029Short of Saul Junction.Here till tomorrow probably.
(Thursday, 11:00 @1203591600)
0.6027Just short of Parkend Bridge.Here for a day or so.
(Friday, 14:00 @1204293600)
3.8030Near Frampton‐on‐Severn.Here for a day or so.
(Sunday, 14:00 @1204466400)
3.8027Just short of Parkend Bridge.Here for a day or so.
(Tuesday, 14:00 @1204639200)
2.8036Just short of Rea Bridge.Here for a day or so.
(Saturday, 15:00 @1204988400)
2.2039Gloucester Docks.Here for a day or so.
(Thursday, 15:00 @1205420400)
5.0027Just short of Parkend Bridge.Here till Monday probably.
(Sunday, 13:00 @1205672400)
1.5028Just short of Saul Junction.Here for a day or so.
(Thursday, 15:00 @1206630000)
5.5032Purton.Here for a day or so.
(Tuesday, 15:00 @1208268000)
0.8030Near Sharpness.Here for a day or so.
(Wednesday, 16:00 @1208358000)
3.2028Slimbridge.Here for today. Gloucester by the weekend.
(Thursday, 15:00 @1208440800)
7.9033Rea Bridge.Here for today. Gloucester by the weekend.
(Saturday, 12:00 @1208602800)
2.3038Gloucester Docks.Here for a day or so.
(Wednesday, 15:00 @1208959200)
5.1027Just short of Parkend Bridge.Here for a while.
(Saturday, 12:00 @1209812400)
5.1038Gloucester Docks.Here for a day or so. Waiting for the river.
(Monday, 13:00 @1209988800)
2.3033Rea Bridge.Here for a day or so — Still waiting for the river.
(Wednesday, 17:00 @1210176000)
2.3038Gloucester Docks.Up the river tomorrow, all being well.
(Thursday, 18:00 @1210266000)
16.3443Eckington Wharf.Here for tonight. Too many boy racers in the Open 24‐hours car park to stay longer. [Waterway: Stratford Avon]
(Friday, 09:00 @1210320000)
0.5044Birlingham Wharf.Here for a bit. Raining at the moment. A much better place to stop than the place I chose last night.
(Friday, 18:00 @1210352400)
5.6479Craycombe Turn, near Wood Norton.Here for the weekend probably. Aiming for Hillmorton by .
(Monday, 17:00 @1210608000)
6.8690Above the lock, Barton.Here overnight. Location deduced — no 3 coverage here.
(Tuesday, 12:00 @1210676400)
6.46125Stratford‐Upon‐Avon.Here till tomorrow maybe. [Waterway: Southern Stratford]
(Tuesday, 20:00 @1210705200)
3.316212Wilmcote.Here till tomorrow maybe.
(Wednesday, 18:00 @1210784400)
6.110299Lowsonford.Here till tomorrow maybe.
(Thursday, 18:00 @1210870800)
1.28319Rowington Embankment.Here till tomorrow maybe. [Waterway: Grand Union Canal (Warwick and Birmingham Canal)]
(Friday, 18:00 @1210957200)
5.622176Coventry Road Visitor Moorings, Warwick.Here till tomorrow. [Waterway: Grand Union Canal (Warwick and Napton Canal)]
(Saturday, 17:00 @1211040000)
6.05216Bascote.Here till Monday probably.
(Monday, 16:00 @1211209200)
4.315302Calcutt.Here for a day or so.
(Wednesday, 19:00 @1211392800)
4.93323Braunston Turn.Here till tomorrow. [Waterway: North Oxford]
(Thursday, 14:00 @1211461200)
4.90328Hillmorton.Here for the Crick Boat Show and a week or so after that.
(Saturday, 13:00 @1212840000)
0.52317Hillmorton Dry Dock.Bottom blacking — Here till Wednesday.
(Monday, 11:00 @1213005600)
0.21306Hillmorton.Out the dry‐dock — Here for today.
(Wednesday, 18:00 @1213203600)
12.51304Hawkesbury Junction.Here for a day or so. [Waterway: Coventry Canal]
(Thursday, 18:00 @1213290000)
2.80304Griff.Here overnight.
(Friday, 19:00 @1213380000)
7.58251Atherstone.Here for a few days.
(Tuesday, 18:00 @1213722000)
4.73219Alvecote.Here for a bit.
(Thursday, 17:00 @1213891200)
7.812272Curdworth.Here for a bit. [Waterway: Birmingham & Fazeley]
(Friday, 15:00 @1213970400)
6.13300Cuckoo Wharf, Birmingham.Here for a fortnight.
(Tuesday, 20:00 @1219172400)
7.513414Ocker Hill.Here for tonight. [Waterway: Walsall Canal]
(Wednesday, 18:00 @1219251600)
1.911478Black Country Museum.Here for tonight. [Waterway: BCN — Dudley Tunnel Branch]
(Thursday, 16:00 @1219330800)
4.80476Central Wolverhampton.Here tonight. [Waterway: Birmingham Canal Old Main Line]
(Friday, 19:00 @1219428000)
4.122331Lower Hattons.Here for a bit. The IWA Festival is on the Bank Holiday. [Waterway: Shropshire Union (Birmingham and Liverpool Junction Canal — Main Line)]
(Sunday, 14:00 @1220187600)
1.20349Wolverhampton Boat Club.Here for a few more repairs1. Meltdown in the alternator has caused me to beg a tow backwards.
(Monday, 17:00 @1226336400)
3.80365Brewood.Here overnight. Away from the boatclub after a DIY rewind on the alternator.
(Tuesday, 13:00 @1226408400)
2.40333Wheaton Aston.Here for a day or so.
(Friday, 17:00 @1226682000)
5.50320Gnosall.Here for a day or so.
(Saturday, 13:00 @1226754000)
2.20312Norbury Junction.Here for a day or so.
(Monday, 16:00 @1226937600)
6.90314Goldstone Wharf, Cheswardine.Here overnight probably.
(Tuesday, 11:00 @1227006000)
2.10312Tyrley Wharf.Here overnight probably.
(Wednesday, 12:00 @1227096000)
1.25298Market Drayton, Shropshire.Here for a few days. There is a stoppage at Audlem till .
(Wednesday, 11:00 @1228906800)
0.60291Market Drayton, Shropshire.Here for a few days.
(Tuesday, 14:00 @1229436000)
2.50292Adderley.Here overnight probably.
(Wednesday, 14:00 @1229522400)
2.05247Coxbank, near Audlem.Here overnight.
(Thursday, 13:00 @1229605200)
1.415166Audlem.Here overnight probably. First boat through after the stoppage — settled on a submerged object when passing through one of the locks.
(Friday, 13:00 @1229691600)
3.92163Near Nantwich.Here overnight probably.
(Saturday, 16:00 @1229788800)
0.70169Nantwich.Here for Christmas.
Total:265.5 (min.)235

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1 Temporary home mooring.

More on mooring from C&RT. Times are in local UK time.

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